Hi, I’m Collins.

I’m a specialist in Application Life-cycle Management, Application Architecture design, Developer Evangelist, Speaker with interests in Cloud computing, Business productivity, business processes automation and entrepreneurship.

I am a Cloud Solutions Specialist

I am a Technical Evangelist

I am an ALM Consultant

Who Am I?

I am currently focused in helping start-ups and entrepreneurs to get the necessary skills to succeed in building a great organization and I have taken up the challenge to be a technical evangelist, showing developers there’s more to code than the awesomeness of code readability and number of lines of code. The easier you get to solve a problem with code, the more accepted your solution will be.

On a day to day basis, I wear the hat of Innovation lead at the Nairobi Industrial and Technology park and write code at night :-). I also do hands-on training for developers and consult organizations on ALM, Cloud tech and Enterprise agility.

What Can I Do?

Software Development

I mainly work on Visual Studio, C# and the .Net Framework.

Application Life-cycle Management

I consult organizations on ALM, Cloud Technology Adoption and Enterprise agility

Technical Evangelism

I speak at developers’ entrepreneurship and tech events and sessions

Technology Consultation

I offer technology consultancy services to individuals and organizations

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